Traverse Town is an location in Kingdom Hearts multiverse, due to Too Many universes destroyed by Anunnaki's Nanotech Heartless(that didn't just makes them immune to Keyblades), even the weakest of Hearts can survives the destruction of their universes, making Traverse Town's crime rate infinitely worse than 40k's underhive(and has DBZ-level characters for some of it's criminals)

Known DistrictsEdit

District 1Edit

Just like as seen on first Kingdom Hearts game

District 2Edit

see above

District 3Edit


District 4Edit

District 5Edit

District 6Edit

aka New Commoragh(where Dark Eldar's new home after losing 40k universe to Heartless)

District 7Edit

Governmental District

District 8Edit

known location in this district are bunker where Happy Tree Friends hides

District 9Edit

District XEdit

Space Elevator that used to be an International Airport where it's integral train station are accomodates train that makes Airplane obsolete

District YEdit

Eldar Craftword orbiting Traverse Town that combines best elements of famous Eldar Craftworlds, blasted out from the orbit by Cadian 412 Space Fleet by Vortex torpedoes

District ZEdit

Orbital Space Station that accessed from District X's Space Elevator that replaces moon in Traverse Town, it serves as Space shipyard

Known InhabitantsEdit

  • The Happy Tree Friends
  • Adam Jensen(unlike most people who took residence here, he didn't losing his home universe)
  • Kindaichi's gang(ditto)
  • Huntsclan
  • Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
  • Lin from The Mummy: Tomb of Dragon Emperor(she has a child that only knows it's father(and paternal grandparents) from 4-dimensional monuments about Heartless victims)
  • Ninku Ninjas
  • Frank Castle