Shocktroopers are Illuminati cyborg supersoldiers that made from Terminally-ill people placed inside nuclear-powered suit of armour(not before they got extensive cybernetic enhancements and got mindwiped into vegetables) and made to uses Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons as well other United Nations-banned weapon systems for the Illuminati. here's their arsenals: 30mm Autocannon for their assault rifles, FGM-148 Javelin, Radiocative dust sprayer(linked to their suit's micro-fission reactors), Chem-sprayers, White-phosphorus flamethrowers, and hand grenades using payloads that's banned by United nations


They're inspired by Rise of the Reds' Shocktroopers as well RA3's Desolators(in terms of people that stuck inside machine for the rest of their life)