This Glossary offers quick definition of terms used in discussing the Ani-Toonspiracy



Adrenaline or Epinephrine is a hormone and a neurotransmitter. It is secreted by the adrenal medulla. When released into the bloodstream it increases heart rate and stroke volume, dilates the pupils, and constricts arterioles in the skin and gut while dilating arterioles in leg muscles. Often listed as being the source of abnormal feats of strength or agility, or the trigger of super-human powers.


Adjective commonly used to refer to a being who originates elsewhere than Earth.

Alternate UniverseEdit

aka the setting where whatever the things that this project crossovers are follows different canon from official ones

Anunnaki EmpireEdit

Interdimensional Civilization of godlike Reptilian Carnivores with hyperdimensional Nanotechnology implants (that Illuminati worship as gods) as it's core species


An artificial being designed to resemble a human being in as many ways as possible, and whose physiology and life functions replicate and mimic those of human beings as closely as possible. An android could be a robot or synthetic organism.


An anti-hero has widely come to mean a character who has some characteristics that are antithetical to those of the traditional hero. An anti-hero will perform acts generally deemed "heroic," but will do so with methods, manners, or intentions that may not be heroic.


Matter composed of particles that are the counterparts of the particles composing positive matter (the matter of which this universe is composed), but have opposite charges; e.g., anti-protons instead of protons, and positrons instead of electrons. Should positive matter come in contact with an equal amount of antimatter, both will be annihilated and converted to energy.


Refers to Animals with Human-like bodies

Artificial IntelligenceEdit

The intelligence exhibited by machines or software.


Black HoleEdit

A region of space-time with such a strong gravitational pull that no particle or electromagnetic radiation can escape from it.


Canon DivergenceEdit

Variation of AU where the timeline are branches from certain event that's happened in canon

Catch PhraseEdit

A catch phrase is a phrase or expression that is spontaneously popularized after a critical amount of widespread repeated usage in everyday conversation (i.e., it "catches" on). Some catch phrases become the "trademark" or defining characteristic of the person or character with whom they originated.

  • Prodigious, Koshiro Izumi
  • D'oh, Homer Simpson
  • Maximum <insert whatever here>, Crynet Nanosuit


A State of Preservation in temporal stasis


Precognition or Clairvoyance are the ability to perceive information about future places or events before they happen. It is done by mentally scanning the various alternate futures, rather than using deduction based on current knowledge. Clairvoyance can also be used in the present and past times.

Clairvoyance (from 17th century French Clair meaning "clear" and Voyant meaning "seeing") is a supposed form of extra-sensory perception claiming the transference of information about an object, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses.

A being who possesses precognition or clairvoyance is sometimes called a "precog" or a clairvoyant.


The need of an individual to find a firm answer to something, or to bring a feeling of finality or resolution.


Opposite of Debunking


The comparative study of automatic control and communications systems, whether biological (e.g., the human nervous system) or artificial (e.g., computers). More narrowly, the term refers to the science of synthesizing mind and machine, and to the engineering problems involved in detecting thoughts in the brain and translating them into mechanical responses.


Cyborg is a contraction of the words cybernetic organism. A cyborg is any organic being with robotic or cybernetic augmentation or implants to replace or enhance physical parts.



a Neurotransmitter that secreted by Pineal Gland when it's user dream(much greater when it's user dies), it's often stated as source of Psychic powers



EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse, a short burst of electromagnetic energy that is generally disruptive or damaging to electronic equipment, and at higher energy levels it can damage physical objects such as buildings and aircraft structures.


Human being, or individuals from other races, with superpowers bestowed by man-made experiments or accidents, instead of natural powers acquired through genetic heritage.


ESP stands for Extra-Sensory Perception. The psychic powers of telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance.


a Being from other dimension(preferably outside physical dimension)


  • A being from a world in this dimension other than Earth.
  • Of or having to do with a world in this dimension other than Earth.



A contraction of "fan-canon", something of a contradiction in terms. It is basically fan-created material that is unofficial, but can expand or spin off of established canon, such as fan art or fan fiction.


Refers to Regular animals as well anything with Intelligence levels of it

Force FieldEdit

In science fiction and fantasy literature, a force field or protective shield is a barrier made up of energy to protect a person, area or object from attacks or intrusions. The idea may be based partly on the concept of a vector field, though in character it resembles the "warding spells," the defensive magic claimed to be used by the Druids and shamans of the ancient world.


Gamma RadiationEdit

Electromagnetic radiation of an extremely high frequency and therefore high energy. Gamma radiation is a type of ionizing radiation and biologically hazardous.

Gellar FieldEdit

theoritical Subatomic Particles that makes up barriers that separates any universe from each other as well Kingdom Hearts' Gummi Ships, named after Warhammer 40k technology that artificially produces such field, produced by Matter Annihilation


A theoretical particle carrying the force of gravity.


comes in 2 types: Polytheistic(power level varies from low-tier DBZ character to slightly below Omniverse level at best) and Monotheistic(Omniverse level). former is never as omnipotent as latter



Any subatomic particle made of quarks and subject to a strong force, most notably protons and neutrons.


A three-dimensional image of an object, produced by the patterns formed by a laser beam.


Anunnaki technology that's works lot like Ando's Supercharge, named after one of Anunnaki deity: Horon


Having virtually the same physical characteristics as a human being.


A theoretical dimension whose physical laws differ from Earth's in the following ways. First, it is possible to surpass the speed of light within hyperspace. Second, hyperspace is "warped" in comparison to Earth's dimension so that the distance between two points in hyperspace might be immensely shorter than the distance between the equivalent points in Earth's dimension. Interstellar travel is impractical for any sentient race that has not discovered the means of traveling through hyperspace in order to reach a destination in their own dimension. Hyperspace is also known as sub-space and warp-space.



In the context of Ani-Toonspiracy, this usually refers to Real Life secret society that's serve as this project's antagonist






Fiction within fiction; examples in Ani-Toonspiracy: Commando Conker


Refers to Superpowered Beings in General, not just DCU's superpowered people


clusters of different univeses, example includes DC, Marvel, Digimon, and so on



Science and Technology of manipulating Matter and Energy in Nanoscale, unlike Hollywood ones, Nanomachines here are aren't often completely macroscale



the Multiverse of every possible realities, consists all known Multiverses



Real LifeEdit

the Universe where we all live, contary to widespread belief, even those that aren't proven to exist does exist here in this universe

Robotoid Edit

Android that's more like biological organism than mechanical robots



Having intelligence near or above the human level. The definition of intelligence is slippery but often includes self-awareness, problem solving, and tool use



Refers to mentally linking user to computer/electronic systems either from Cybernetic Implants or Psychic Powers